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I've downloaded the dictionary Whitaker. It is there and I can open it like a normal ebook. When I select a word in a Latin text, I can even select that dictionary I have another dictionary for another language , but then no word is found. I've tried with inflected and uninflected forms. I've also checked that my other dictionary Chinese works when I read a text in Chinese. Any idea about why it does not work with Latin? Thanks in advance.

LaurentiusH , Jun 24, It might depend on the word.

‎SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader on the App Store

Have you tried common words like et or ut just to test if it works? What text s are you reading? I've found that it is somewhat less effective the more recent the Latin text is, so I guess it's geared towards Classical texts like Cicero or Tacitus. I'm reading Caesar, De Bello, liber tertius, not exactly recent stuff I've also tried with very common words e.

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No luck. However, all is not lost! In the same thread you linked to, I found a Stardict format version of Whitaker.

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I was able to install that version on my phone, and now I can use it as a popup dictionary with my ereader programme Moon Reader on my phone. This has to be the best app I've ever spent money on. You could spend months just reading all the content it has, and the dictionary is just as useful as any official one.

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Definitely worth the price. If you love or even like Latin, I can't imagine you could be disappointed with this app. It does all that the creator promises, and it does it oh so well.

As it is it's good enough for anyone who is comfortable reading Latin and wants to keep his classic texts all in one convenient app. SPQR v4.


These were already in Latin, but have been updated to include English. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact me on Twitter: twostraws. I rarely write reviews, but this app is certainly worthy of one.

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  8. I bought it for the dictionary alone, which has an amazing parser function that gives the syntax of whatever word is entered. It is immensely helpful to a struggling Latin student such as myself. As I spent more time on the app, I discovered there is an incredible amount of content hidden in the menus.

    Latdict Latin Dictionary

    For one, there are hundreds of Latin texts with speeches and writings by everyone from Augustus to Virgil. The app also generates grammar quizzes and creates flashcards which are great. It also has basically an entire grammar textbook itemized in a manner that makes it easy to answer any lingering questions. Navigation is a little antiquated, but the amazing features easily compensate for the clunkyness.

    Latin: Dictionaries and Grammar Aids

    In short, if you are behind in Latin class or want to learn more, this app will help you get to where you want to be! This app is wonderful, I use it every day. The authors section is easily navigable, and I appreciate the historical information too. I love the grammar practice section as well. Everyone in Classics nneds this App. Whether you're in highschool, college, Grad school, or tenured.

    If you want to travel like Aeneas, you can bring a huge chunk of the Latin library with you. However, I recently got a message that it might not work with future updates of iOS. That would be a huge tragedy. This App has been a huge win for a very important field starting to make comeback