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The article takes on Garrison as a great antislavery activist as in contrast to using gradual methods Garrison insisted on the immediate and peaceful abolition of slavery. However, later on, by the late s, nearly all of the Transcendentalists regarded themselves as abolitionists. Instead of whether to act, they deliberated how to do so. Many women in the Transcendentalist circle responded to Garrison, empowered by his insistence that women take leadership roles in his movement, though the principal female Transcendentalist Fuller, however, played little to no active role in antislavery reform.

This chapter examines the relationship between the Arabic novel and history within the context of the Arabic-speaking world, and in particular the process of producing a literary history of the novel genre written in Arabic.

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It first considers the early development of the novel genre in Arabic as part of a cultural movement that gained impetus in the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the interplay of two cultural forces: the importation of Western ideas including literary genres and the role of the premodern Arab-Islamic cultural heritage in each subregion.

It then discusses examples of narrative from the premodern heritage of Arabic literature before turning to the history of the Arabic novel.

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This article examines the American novel and the problem of boring books. It investigates what would happen if the assumption about the existence of novel as a literary genre were treated as a critical problem. This chapter examines the main trends and themes found across the novels of the Hispano-American mahjar place of exile and immigrant life , with particular emphasis on Argentina. It considers the Arab Hispano-American novel in the context of the local, national, and regional cultural spaces that the authors or their families left behind, as well as the ones they now inhabit.

It also discusses works published in the latter half of the twentieth century across Hispano-America. Hispanic mahjar novels that tackle the theme of spirituality as a means to make sense of migration; the issue of language used by writers to tell the story of the Arab immigrant experience; and Arab heritage as a source of narrative creativity. The novel Arthur Mervyn; or, Memoirs of the Year by Charles Brockden Brown challenges its readers with its multiple plot lines, a dizzying array of characters, and its formal complexity.

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It rewards them with the energetic effort of one writer to place in relation to one another the most pressing issues of his era, issues concerning race, gender, and political revolution. In the novel, Brown leverages one of the oldest forms of storytelling, the fairy tale, to describe a most modern predicament: how to adapt to a world that is constantly changing and within which once stable certainties are unraveling.

The Elizabethans and Jacobeans along with all their European contemporaries lived simultaneously in the physical world and a spiritual realm inhabited by spirits, angels, demons, and the dead that constantly intruded, irregularly and mostly without warning, bringing humans and non-human entities into disturbing and often terrifying contact.

This article discusses works about astrology, magic, and witchcraft in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. London pictures contemporary identity in this way to expose the crack in modernity, that it is in fact not modern at all, or only in so far as it is also primitive, a reprise. This chapter examines the development of the Arab Australian novel since its beginnings, surveying works produced in Arabic and English by three generations of Arab Australian authors.

It first considers David Malouf, whose Johnno marks the beginning of the Arab Australian novel, before turning to first-generation immigrants who introduced the Arabic-language novel in the s and the English-language immigrant novel in the mids. It then discusses the contribution of the second-generation Arab Australians in the literary field.

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A potent synthesis of history, romance, theory, and antiquarianism, the Waverley Novels rewrote contemporary modes of historical and national romance through a thematic of the heterogeneity of historical time. They answered to a new historical sensibility in a post-Revolutionary era of expanding readership; helped to forge a new British national identity; and were instrumental in reconfiguring literary culture for their time.

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These films revisit Brennan Print publication date: Mar Online publication date: Sep These are By the close of the s, American literary naturalism had established itself decisively as the A relentlessly dark exploration of guilt, deception, and compulsion, it creates a sustained mood of irrational terror in the midst of the Pennsylvania countryside.

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In Arthur Mervyn; or Memoirs of the Year , Brown draws on his own experience to create indelible scenes of Philadelphia devastated by a yellow fever epidemic, while telling the story of a young man caught in the snares of a professional swindler. All three novels reveal Brown as the pioneer of a major vein of American writing, a novelist whose literary heirs include Poe, Hawthorne, Faulkner, and the whole tradition of horror and noir from Cornell Woolrich to Stephen King.

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