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I would like to know if you do coaching or which of your courses you would suggest to help to get down to more practical work with relation to shadow work, and connecting with those early child hood traumas to be able to access and express repressed anger, fear and guilt. Once again thanks for you site. Regards Sonnet south africa. I can relate to your experience. The more steady your home environment becomes, the more your mind will likely begin to reflect back on your past.

Hi Scott I must admit really enjoying this journey that i am on I think it is called life. The conversations that you generate are at time known to me and other times a challenge. For some time now these opposites have bewildered me.


I would like to know why we have to stand for one. I was confused about the removal of meat from our diet. Man as a creature has usually had meat as part of their diet. Is it only animals that have a consciousness, do plants? We can develop our minds to not get stuck in the opposites.

Spiritual & Personal Growth

Traditionally, this is called transcending duality. But everything in our environments is designed to reinforce dualistic thinking. I understand the confusion about meat. I shared it in the past. And yes, plants do have consciousness too.

Spirituality, Change & Patience

But animal consciousness is closer to our own. This topic is going to be emotionally charged for a lot of us, mainly because of our prior conditioning. Otherwise, we get stuck in beliefs and conjecture. And after years decades? In other words, as more of a treatise on shadow work. And understanding and navigating and integrating! I continually feel the call pull? And the inner work I am able to do makes me very satisfied and complete indeed.

I also feel an obligation? The Orange value structure seeks achievement the Achiever Self while the Green value structure seeks the human bond the Sensitive Self. Both are aspects of our being. Yellow second tier represents the integration of Orange, Green, and all the value structures below them. In the absence of this integration stage, we are left with dissociation.

Keep in mind that dissociation occurs as a consequence of our mind not being able or willing to hold the opposites together. That is, our minds seek comfort and order. And the process of integration requires periods of ambiguity and inner tension.

The Spiritual Awakening Process Book

For example, yes, we need to pay the bills. But we rarely define exactly what that means. Instead, our Achiever Self is aimlessly trying to achieve more, with no end goal, for even if it achieves a goal it quickly replaces it with a new one. The same goes for Green. The aim of our psychological development is to contain all of these drives.

And to rebalance the scale. Caves and monasteries arose for social and economic reasons. They were designed for individuals who lacked discipline. Thank you for these emails. I find your writing to be refreshingly direct and succinct.

Awakening the Power of Alchemical Healing

Thanks for synthesizing so accessibly. You hit the mark on my goal for these guides: to synthesize complex psychological ideas into accessible and practical methods. There is no Spiritual Awakening. Awareness Witness to Self IS. All else is unreal. The Witness observes both Simultaneously and is a part of neither.

Awareness is Complete and Non Existence. Nothing else exists. And then you would need to ask yourself: Who read this article? And who wrote your comment about there being no spiritual awakening? It appears you have fallen into the trap of misinterpreting the message of nonduality. The nondual must by definition include the dual. And it is this experiencer that awakens by stripping away the layers of its programming. But if all that were literally true, we would all already know this. And if nothing exists or is truly real except awareness, and the latter is non existence, then this solely real thing does not exist either.

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And this is still a form of dualism or multiplicity — i. Awareness Witness to Self versus literally anything else. It fails on its own terms. I found this extremely helpful thanks! Except for the comments about eating animals being a form of cannibalism. If all that exist are One, then no matter what we consume we are cannibalizing Our Self. Who are we to say that plants and minerals have no feelings and memories. The extremity of your statement regarding eating animal products however reveals prejudice rather than enlightenment. Just wanted to help you see that because I do believe you are blind to it.

I simply stated that we are assimilating the consciousness of what we consume.

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  • To say the consciousness of a cow and the consciousness is the dandelion are the same is simply a mistake. If you had the sensitivity to feel the consciousness of what you consume, the error in your statements becomes apparent. Yes I agree that this is a question of ideology, perhaps that is why the reference to the complete aversion to animals and animal products as a sign of spiritual awakening truly had a different vibration to me. I found this entire thread extremely beneficial and useful and it resonated with me except this one idea.

    Not to say the Vegan ideology is in any way inferior, it is beautiful! Agriculture, mathematics, language, will never be the same to me now! It is possible to take the life of an animal while honoring it and its gift of life to those it will sustain. It is a solemn act heavily laden with layers of meaning. It is entirely possible to be on the path while being an omnivore. This stood out to me loudly, honestly! Loud enough that I posted a comment which I never do lol.

    Time and experience have taught me to put little stock in ideologies of any kind.

    The Answers Are Within You

    Our mind can confirm whatever ideology we align with. Veganism as an ideology would be the same. But when you develop the sensitivity to feel how we assimilate take on the consciousness of the animals we consume, you may find it difficult to make the statements you have made and hold to those beliefs. I have always been riveted by the puzzle of truth.

    Define truth. Is there absolute truth, or is all truth subjective. Can anything we perceive as Truth on this plane be anything but subjective? Do we make our own truth simply by the utter conviction we experience? If we believe a thing so completely, does it not manifest itself in our lives? I have no doubt that you experience energetic sensitivity in the way you described, and I really do find it interesting! I come from a long line of hunters, and farmers. I believe in the symbiotic, cooperative dynamic between man and nature.

    I eat lots, and LOTS of eggs.