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At the moment work is in progress on a history of comic opera as well as a sequel to The War Comes to Witham Street. Fantasy author Suzanne Francis was born in a hotel in King's Lynn, Norfolk and spent much of her early life traveling widely with her family. In addition to writing, her interests include music, fine cuisine and tramping through New Zealand's countryside. She now makes her home in Dunedin, New Zealand along with her husband and four children. Cindy Jones earned her Ph.

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She has written numerous magazine articles as well as educational materials for physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Jones teaches physiology and biochemistry at local universities as well as herb classes for continuing education programs. Mary Lancaster was born in Scotland and graduated with honours from the University of St. Her degree is in history, a subject which provides the chief inspiration for her writing. She has worked or studied in WalSeptember 22, d eventually settled on the Fife coast, where she still lives with her husband and three young children.

Despite having earned a living over the years as Editorial Assistant, Researcher and Librarian, Mary Lancaster has managed to retain her love of books, particularly old and dusty ones.

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Her interest has always extended to writing them - though, for many years, only for her own amusement. Doug Pike is a year member of the National Cartoonists Society. For the past six years, he has focused on wine cartoons. Prior to becoming a cartoonist, Doug was in the retail business for ten years. He hated it. One of the best decisions he ever made was to sell the business and enroll in art school. Despite a variety of setbacks, he has never regretted the change. A former New Jersey resident, Doug has lived in Arizona for the past 20 years, with his wife and son.

Roger Taylor was born in Heywood, Lancashire, and now lives in the Wirral. He wrote four books between and and built up a handsome rejection file before the third was accepted by Headline to become the first two books of the Chronicles of Hawklan. Historical fiction author Daniel Wyatt is Canadian, born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan.

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He now resides with his wife and two children in Burlington, Ontario, thirty miles outside Toronto. A big baseball fan, Wyatt enjoys collecting Detroit Tigers memorabilia.

In the summer months, he coaches a local fastball team. He also writes aviation articles for magazines in Canada and the United States. Last updated June 12, Home - Authors.

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The choice becomes even more difficult when Katkin meets up with an old love. But a chance meeting steers her to Starruthe just in time to deliver Gwenn's baby daughter Myriadne. Now that the Dawnmaid has been born, it will take a miracle to hide her from Maggrai, who has returned from the future with a weapon of total annihilation.

But Gunnar also has a secret weapon, though he is reluctant to use it.

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Will he accept his true nature before Maggrai's wrath destroys the last hope of the Firaithi? She delivers an exceptional, unforgettable story every time. Her worlds are filled with colorful details and captivating characters that kept me turning the pages.

http://startupkurzus.hu/profiles/wisconsin/el-brujo-autobiografia-de-un-yogui.php Queen Katrione Arkafina ably rules the kingdom of Beaumarais, but she has had less success with her boisterous daughter, Gwenn, born under the sway of a brutal Goddess. Keth Dirane has given Gwenn awesome strength and almost complete invulnerability, but manipulates her cruelly in return.

Now, to further her own ends, she convinces Gwenn she must seek revenge for an old betrayal. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Gwenn runs away. After she allies herself with some marauding coastal raiders, captained by Gunnar Strong Arm, she has the army she requires. She has been married twice and has four children. Suzanne Francis is the author of four published novels, collectively known as the. The books were first published as ebooks by Mushroom Ebooks in — and in paperback in by Bladud Books.

All the books in the are set in an imaginary universe known as the Gyre. Mississippi Francis has stated she intends to continue adding works to the Gyre Cosmos in the future. She has also completed a series entitled, which follows the further events in the lives of the main characters from the series.

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