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Boston: Shambhala, New York: Schocken Books, Buxbaum Y: Hanhagot spiritual practices. Buxbaum Y: Truth-telling. London: Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Tel Aviv: Netzach, Modern Judaism , Greenberg AY, ed: Itturei Torah.

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Jerusalem: Ahva Press, Bnei Brak, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, London: Vallentine Mitchell, Kalmanofsky J: You are where your mind is—early Hasidic religiosity of experience. Kaplan A: A Call to the Infinite. Leiman SZ: Raphael of Bershad's commitment to truth.

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Patai R: The Jewish Mind. Jewish Social Studies 10 2 , Northvale, NJ: J. Aronson, Southfield, MI: Targum Press, Rabinowicz T, ed: The Encyclopedia of Hasidism.

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Rapoport-Albert A, ed: Hasidism Reappraised. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Imagine for a moment that you could hear a private conversation in which the Rebbe had asked the Previous Rebbe a weighty question, and the Previous Rebbe gave a lengthy response, seasoned with stories and manifold historical references.

This -- except for the fact that it is on paper -- is the format of Branches of the Chassidic Menorah. The Rebbe had asked the Previous Rebbe to explain to him the uniqueness of the Chabad approach to Divine service.

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What exactly is it that distinguishes Lubavitcher chassidim from chassidim of other trends? And, in his own inimitable manner, the Previous Rebbe weaves a tapestry describing how Chabad Chassidus was initiated and defining the spiritual goals that the Alter Rebbe set for his chassidim. This colorful text first appeared in the classic columns of HaTamim.

Chabad lights giant Menorah in Kogan Plaza

With the help of extensive notes and appendices, the English reader is now given the opportunity to eavesdrop on this conversation between the Rebbeim and take in the insights it provides. See All Customer Reviews.

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