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What Is the Panda update? Panda uses a search algorithm named after the Google Engineer, Biswanath Panda. It even changed how links are built since high-quality relevant links pointing to a webpage ultimately add to its value when it comes to SEO power. Panda 1. Note: Panda is called an update because the filter runs periodically. And, every time it runs, the algorithm takes a new shape.

In other words, high-quality content will likely bounce back in the search results while content pages that escaped the previous update get caught in the Panda ne t. There has been a Panda update every months since , for a total of 28 updates with the most recent in May of This number may not be precisely accurate, because a lot of minor tweaks most likely have occurred in-between them, but it lies within that range.

This update was primarily aimed at U. For example, Moz has hundreds of writers, but it still enjoys top rankings in Google, because it makes sure that the content delivers plenty of value to readers. This filter also affected international queries on google. Low-quality content and pages were further penalized, while those who worked extremely hard at producing rich and interesting content saw a boost in organic traffic when looking at the rank tracker.

Panda 2. Bloggers and site owners who wrote and published content that engaged the user and enhanced site navigability benefited from these changes according to any website auditor. This update brought large sites higher up in the SERPs — e. After Panda 2. Although this number seems low, it is still significant for any rank tracker, considering the number of searches conducted every day. Each of these algorithm changes came about as a result of search users not getting relevant and useful information.

As an advertising media company, Google wants to make money, and unless they satisfy searchers, how would they do that? It was the next generation of Panda, and it generated both winners and losers. This update had a big impact. Panda 4. When you build a site today, you have to consistently write and publish in-depth content. This content must add value, be interesting to the reader, and solve a definite problem with availability on mobile devices.

The major losers after Panda 4. As with every Panda update, there are winners too. Overall, not every sector or industry lost in Panda 4. With Panda 4. The latest update, Panda 4. For the most part, the update was a success for encouraging marketers to focus on valuable, thought-provoking pieces versus fluff. Rather than let marketers get away with spammy and misleading results, Google fought back.

This can cause a lot of problems, especially where SEO is concerned, but for site visitors, too. When the Google spider discovers duplicate content on your site, it will first analyze other elements that make up your web page before penalizing you. Fortunately, finding duplicate content on your site is fairly easy to do. Simply follow these steps:.

Input your site URL. Input another URL that you want to compare for duplicate content — e. Step 2: Analyze your results. If the results show that your pages contain some duplicate content, you can then solve the problem in one of two ways:.

To find duplicate content outside your site, follow these steps:. Step 1: Go to Siteliner. Step 2: Analyze duplicate content pages. If you accept guest posts or sponsored articles on your blog, you should make it a habit to check for duplicate content first. Not only does crafting original content prevent you from repeating what someone else has already said, but also provides opportunities for you to answer questions for your audience that nobody else is bothering to touch.

Low-quality links pointing to your pages can also trip you up because Penguin 2.

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According to Kristi Hines , any low-quality content from the past can come back to haunt you. The ones that you built when you first started marketing can also have an effect in any rank tracker. The ugly truth is this: If your site has a large number of inbound links coming from irrelevant sites i. You need to focus on getting incoming links, predominantly from sites that have the same theme or subject as your site.

Fortunately, becoming this type of website auditor is fairly simple. Just follow these steps:. Step 1: Go to OpenSiteExplorer. Type in your site URL. Links in your page footer, site wide links, and links with over-optimized anchor text, among others, are all good places to start. Rather than look suspicious to Google, keeping your link profile squeaky clean on a regular basis keeps you from having to play catch-up or fact a potential penalty.

If you need more information about remedying either of these first two Panda-penalty factors — duplicate content and low-quality inbound links — try these helpful articles:. A single-page session is when someone visits a page on your site and then leaves your site altogether, without interacting clicking other links or reading more of your content further with your site.

The answer will vary depending on your industry. What truly matters when considering SEO power is that your conversion rates are increasing. Here is the average bounce rate by industry. For instance, Recruiting. The bounce rate below is fair. How does yours compare? This is because the spider literally follows people. It could be caused by a major tweak on your site.

For example, when you redesign your blog, your bounce rate will likely increase a bit, temporarily, while visitors get accustomed to the new look and layout. Have you ever been to a site that looked like absolute trash on mobile? For some, being mobile friendly is a factor here too. To adjust a low repeat visit number, reward visitors when they come back to your site after an initial visit.

You can do this by offering a piece of useful content, such as a free valuable report or with gifts such as free access to an insider event or e-course. Additionally, look for ways that you can enhance the return-visit experience and satisfy your visitors who come back for more.

As an example, Amazon has one of the highest repeat visitor rates among shopping sites. When the visitor returns, Amazon serves up the same or similar products on all web pages. This makes it easier for shoppers to find the exact product that they want to buy and encourages them to place their order instantly. In your Google Analytics account, you should also pay attention to the sources of your traffic.

Many domains might be referring visitors to you, but some may be sending you more visitors who make return visits to your site. Focus on retention.

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Organic referral sources tend to be more reliable, in this regard, than social media sources. Better Biz carried out a three-month study of both B2B and B2C websites to determine the best sources for targeted web traffic.

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A slow-to-load page can result in a higher bounce rate, as well as a lower repeat visitors rate. This is especially true on mobile devices. When I discovered that both Google and my readers love sites that load very fast, I plunged into the topic. My efforts resulted in taking my site from a load time of 1.

Seemingly simple steps such as cutting back on massive homepage hero images can make all the difference.

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Start improving your site load time today. You can follow this step-by-step guide. Your content should be able to solve a definite problem. So, if you regularly write about SEO or internet marketing-related topics, you could provide a detailed Google Analytics tutorial guide , accompanied by explanatory screenshots.

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This guide would be a great example of targeted problem-solving content since a lot of people struggle to understand GA. Really, though. And content creators are taking notice, too. This attention to detail makes all the difference for your audience and Google alike. In-depth round-up posts, such as this example detailed by Brian Lang of SmartBlogger , are a potential hotbed for traffic, shares and audience engagement:.

At nearly 8, words, such a piece was able to spread like wildfire because it answered a burning question for a hungry audience. For instance, a particular paragraph in a useful article might be reused in a few places on your site. As a general rule, avoid using the same or very similar content on more than one page on your site. Too much of that and your site could be penalized. According to David Amerland , this can lead to a penalty for your site, when Panda updates are released.

If your website or blog was hit by Panda, your next step is to figure out a plan to remedy the problem or problems.

source site This can be difficult; there are many articles and blog posts online that discuss the theory behind the penalties but provide no actionable steps to take to fix the problem.