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In the end, the Murphy Report detailed how the Commission examined complaints about the sexual abuse of over children. The Commission warned that this number did not reflect the true scale of abuse and the number of victims.

Catholic Archdiocese of Boston sex abuse scandal - Wikipedia

It reported that one priest admitted to sexually abusing over children, while another accepted that he had abused on a fortnightly basis during the period of his ministry which lasted for over 25 years. So the true number of victims in the Archdiocese of Dublin is likely to be in the thousands. The numbers of victims of rape and sexual assault at the hands of priests across Ireland likely runs to tens of thousands. These reports detail the abuse of Irish women and children on a massive scale. The State has never carried out an independent investigation into the treatment of women and girls in Magdalene Laundries, but we know much of the horrors they experienced.

That investigation was finally forced by the revelation of the mass burial of hundreds of children in Victorian sewerage works at a home operated by the Bon Secours sisters in Tuam. We have heard evidence recently too of illegal adoptions in Church-run agencies, of children stolen from their powerless mothers. The abuse inflicted on Irish women, men and children by Roman Catholic clergy and religion has had a devastating impact. Lives have been blighted and families have been torn apart.

For many the struggle to survive and move beyond such trauma is ongoing. But some do not survive. People like Peter, a victim of the same priest who raped me, who shot himself in the chest with a shotgun at Countless families have suffered such loss, caused by the crimes of the clergy, covered up and facilitated by the Roman Catholic Church at the highest level.

Now it seems that our families are expected, once again, to stand silently by as the Vatican and the Irish church seeks to sweep their suffering to one side. The fact of that cover up is beyond dispute. And whenever it is revealed, the church fights tooth and nail to cover it up. Here in Ireland they used diplomatic immunity to block the case I took against the Vatican in to try force Pope John Paul II to reveal what was known about the priest who raped me and dozens of others. It tried to block State inquiries, arguing that it was above the law, that Canon Law was superior to the law of the State.

This week we found out that in the Vatican tried to secure a deal with the State that would allow it to bury Church documents. It wanted to put Vatican and Diocesan archives beyond the reach of any investigation. In a few weeks Pope Francis will arrive in Ireland.

The visit will reignite memories of that first Papal visit. For many, their memories will be of seemingly endless car journeys, long walks and the excitement of finally getting to see the Pope. Of him smiling down from his Pope mobile as he weaved his way through the massive crowds which came out to greet him. Because at the time I really believed it.

I believed it with all my heart.

Not really. If he did he would have protected us. Instead he protected his institution, its power, its position and above all its wealth. He left us at the mercy of known clerical paedophiles. It has been 24 years since I found the courage to report my own experiences of rape and abuse.

To be frank, I never for a moment imagined that I would still find it necessary to speak out about it after all this time. But it is. And it will be for as long as the Vatican continues to refuse to tell the truth and for as long as popes attack victims for daring to speak out as Pope Francis did in Chile just last year. In the face of such efforts to silence victims, we must stand for truth. Because Pope Francis has the power to change everything. And he can begin to do that by finally telling the truth. He is writing here in a personal capacity. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Experience: I was raped by a Catholic priest

My News. Personalise your news feed by choosing your favourite topics of interest. Well, Bernard Law was hugely complicit in said cover-up. He authorized the secret relocation of pedophile priests, and when a parishioner lodged a complaint against a priapic padre, Law would quietly send the still-active predator to a new town filled with fresh victims. Consequently, in early , Law was named as a defendant in several cases involving pedophile priests.

He resigned in late One day, the priest disappeared. I was lucky. Then again, my elementary school was run by Franciscan nuns. To my knowledge, the school — despite operating since — has never been named in the scandal. However, the all-boys school I attended my freshman year of high school — Xaverian Brothers in Westwood, Massachusetts — recently released its list of priests accused of sexual abuse. Source Sandra Bennett. As I waited for my flight to board, I saw two older men in suits approaching an adjoining gate.

Catholic Archdiocese of Boston sex abuse scandal

Even without his religious vestments, I immediately recognized one of them as Law. Then I did something I have never done before, or since: I walked over to their gate and sat directly behind them. In no uncertain terms, I was eavesdropping. And this is what I do remember: being completely unsurprised by the general tone of their conversation. Instead, they seemed to be bemoaning what a huge hassle the lawsuits had become. The other man was clearly a lawyer.

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Law passed away in late His funeral was held at St. Pope Francis said the final prayers. No one mentioned the scandal. How does a shy lawyer in the midst of a midlife love affair decide to have sex in front of strangers? A news cycle frozen by a Donald Trump-Joe Biden standoff is bad news for the fast-rising candidate with plans. Good stories from around the globe.

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