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Hinge, The S 5. I Am The Walrus S 5. Jade Gate S 5. Misbehaven T,TR 5. Nattiq S 5. Perfect Storm, The S 5. Primate T 5. Sea Bird T 5. Sea of Joy S 5. Shortcut East Face T 5. Skin Flute S 5. Southwest Face T 5. Stoop, The S 5.

Super Tuscan S 5. Supercell S 5. Even went to a pub in Gloucestershire decades ago because I was told he drank there, just to see him in the flesh. In fact, I took the photograph above while watching him play with Eric Clapton at Wembley Arena earlier this year. Sea of Joy. One of my all-time favourite songs, taken from one of my all-time favourite albums, Blind Faith by Blind Faith. A song dating back to times when working out the meanings of song lyrics was a hard thing to do…..

Extremely erudite essays about the meaning and role of mojo at the time, in terms of hoodoo and voodoo symbolism and representations of power and sex-appeal. And it is possible that Jim Morrison may have been influenced by all that when he chose to use the phrase as a motet. She said that the Morrisons used to live next door to them when little Jim was growing up.

And Jim used to come and play in their yard. Her husband liked crosswords and suchlike. As I said, the tale is apocryphal. And yet I believe it. I know, I know, comparisons can often be odious. And while pictures paint thousands of words, they come with frames. And anchors.

Which can constrain imagination. Living, breathing, moving. A giant organism which is more than just a space. Containing water, that wondrous substance that helps keep us alive. A place where people swim and frolic, laugh and play. A place full of life in all its brilliance.

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More importantly, where were you? Oh yes, I had you out collecting rainwater. Imagine you have a beaker full of rainwater. Imagine you take that beaker of rainwater and pour it into a nearby brook, which feeds a river, which empties out into a sea and forms part of the oceans. The sea is designed to be plentiful, abundant. Quite different from lakes and ponds, which are contained and isolated, controllable. And often stagnant. Making things that are abundant by design somehow appear scarce is not an easy task.

So it is with the internet. When you make something digital, you have something that is cheap to copy. When you connect that digital something to the internet, you have something that is cheap to distribute far and wide. So now the internet exists, does it mean no one can keep a secret any more? Which is why the recent spate of leaks has caused such consternation. Bruce Schneier , an erstwhile colleague and someone whose writings and sayings I pay attention to, wrote a wonderful little piece on the subject, making five simple points:.

Bruce is brilliant, terse and trenchant as ever.

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