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Even the modest settings — a floral cushion here, a scattered piece of clothing or unmade bed there — give us a sense of the texture of these lives. In some cases, the little particulars are so absorbing that we might ignore what the interviewee is actually saying. Wang does occasionally reach beyond this basic, fixed-camera interview style.

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Some interviews, clearly shot later, display more cinematic verve, with Wang filming heated conversations by survivors and panning among them. Among the 3, prisoners at Jiabiangou alone, only about survived.

Wang visits the sites of the camps, in the Gobi Desert, including a mass grave, but they are now just vast, empty stretches of dirt and dust, with a few scattered bones. Dead Souls Not rated.


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In Chinese, with English subtitles. Running time: 8 hours 15 minutes. In the most cynical dollars-and-cents sense, maybe Disney is right, but it should by this point be beyond debate that animation can reach adults as well as kids.

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Although continuously raising the bar for graphics remains a high priority for major developers, sectors of the gaming industry have already evolved beyond this sort of one-up-oriented thinking, ensorcelling youngsters and grown-ups alike with addictive simplicity. More involved projects have promoted the bold idea that something can be both technically rudimentary and creatively complex; look at Dwarf Fortress , a dazzlingly complicated roleplaying PC title styled to look like the text-based adventures of yore.

The Moana s and Coco s of the industry inspire hope for the future, even if Frozen 2 seems a tenuous peg on which to hang those hopes. We have the technology to make lions dance or march hyenas around in perfect goose-stepping formation. The A.

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Meet the new face of horror: The Lion King 's Pumbaa. Club News.

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