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There are sexual references and some violent scenes as well. By the sound of it the book would not be too advanced for your …more Hello, I am the author. By the sound of it the book would not be too advanced for your year-old I completely understand as I have a youngster myself. See 1 question about The Exo Project….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 04, F. The story is fast-paced, strongly character-driven, and I've been surprised in the best way to discover that elements of this story will pop into my mind from time to time and I find myself thinking about it. That, for me, is the mark of a great story. May 24, Emily Oleniczak rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-lit , sci-fi , adventure , relationships , apocalyptic.

This book makes you think. Our world does not take care of ourselves or each other - this book shows you what could happen if we continue to treat the world and each other the way we do. The story ends with just enough hope for humanity that you want to try and save our earth and the people around us. Mar 24, Matthew rated it really liked it. What an interesting take on YA apocalyptic. I really enjoyed this book. Maybe 4. Fascinating questions about the tension between individual and collective responsibility; the good of the few vs.

I really enjoyed the contrasting social structures of the different communities the world. There was a lot more going on here than other-worldly fiction. There were times when it seemed to grow-up beyond the YA category that gave the believability some slippage.

But other than that, it What an interesting take on YA apocalyptic. But other than that, it was a vibrant story and a welcome take on a familiar theme. Apr 16, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: mar , arc , ya-fiction , debuts. Told from multiple POVs, this is a smart, engaging story. And one that I would have read a lot faster if my year-old son hadn't kept sneaking it into his backpack. He finished before I did. Apr 12, Marcus rated it it was amazing. Loved it!

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It was fun, interesting, surprising, and thoughtful. Highly recommend it to everyone!

Jan 29, Michael added it. Normally not a fan of YA. I liked this book however. Dec 16, Amanda Hosch rated it it was amazing. You know that you can get out safely, but you can only rescue one group. Who would you save? Now imagine that burning building is the Earth. You're probably safe, but do you choose to rescue humanity? Or an innocent and peaceful alien civilization? Matthew, the protagonist, has to make that choice while dealing with his growing feelings for Kiva, the leader of the alien society. With lots of wonderful world building and twists, it was easy to follow Matthew and Kiva on their journeys.

Nov 13, Amanda Searcy rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It is a fast moving, classic sci-fi story where desperate people are sent out to find a a new planet for the dying human population. What Matthew finds is a very complex and unique planet with a matriarchal society.